using the current date IN an exisiting document

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Probably  the solution is rather simple. I have a log. I renew it every year 
(open a new document/file on jan 1). Every day I want to write something in 
that log, I want to start the text with naming the current date. Nor DATE 
(changes all the dates mentioned tot the current system day), nor CREATEDATE 
(uses only the date the document was created, e.g. jan 1) are sufficient. 
What do I have to do to put in the (fixed) date I wrote the text?
In Word 2007, sorry
The simplest thing for you to do is go to the Insert tab of the Ribbon and 
in the Text section of the Ribbon, click on the Date & Time item and select 
the format for the date that you want to use and make sure that you do NOT 
check the Update automatically box.  When you do that, the current date will 
be inserted as ordinary text and will not update when you save or print the 
Doug, hello,

What a quick reaction! Thanks.
The problem with your solution is that it doesn't show the date as I want 
it: zondag 30 november, which is the way you write the sequence sunday 
november 30 in Dutch. I tried to do it with a macro, but didn't find the 
right solution there.
In the Date and Time dialog, you can select a specific format and make it 
the default. If the format you want is not displayed, that's because you 
don't have it selected as your default Long Date format in Control Panel | 
Regional and Language Options. Once you've selected the default in the Date 
and Time dialog, you can insert a DATE field using Alt+Shift+D and 
immediately unlink it using Ctrl+Shift+F9. On the whole, however, I think it 
would be much simpler in your case just to type the date manually.
Nice extra solution, thanks
You could do that with a macro like this:

Sub DateStamper()
Dim oRng As Word.Range
Set oRng = Selection.Range
oRng.Text = LCase(Format(Date, "dddd dd MMMM"))
End Sub
You got me what I wanted, thanks Doug, Greg and Graham!
Now I do have a latest question: How can I assign a shortkey to an already 
existing macro?
You can assign shortcut keys via the link at the bottom of the QAT editor - 
(Word Options > Customize).