page numbering in Word 2007 won't work on merged file

Microsoft Office Word Docmanagement

I am using a merged Word file to create a directory, but I can't get Word 
2007 to number the pages. Each page has 9 records merged from an Excel file 
data. It numbers the first page, but then nothing appears on subsequent 
pages. I am using both label and table templates to format the page that the 
data will be merged to. I tried entering the page numbering both before and 
after the merge, but neither will work.
Hi Joel,

This would certainly occur if the mailmerge main document was had its layout formatted with the 'different first page' setting and 
you hadn't inserted a page # field on the second page.
Sorry, but I don't follow you. I don't use mail merge often, so I am not 
familiar with all the details you speak about. Can you elaborate?
The mail merge main document is the single document that contains the merge 
fields. If you go to Page Setup, Layout tab, is "Different first page" 
checked? If so, then you need to open the Header/Footer and add a PAGE 
field; there is already one in the First Page Header/Footer.
Thanks for your quick reply! No, "Different First Page" is NOT checked. So 
what should I do now?
If you're using a label template to do this, then each sheet of labels is a 
separate section, which could be complicating the issue.
Thanks, removing the labels, and using only either a table or columns worked. 
The pages are numbering correctly now. I also used the "directory" choice on 
starting up the merge.
Yes, for what you're doing, Directory seems like the way to go.