Upgrading to Word 2003

Microsoft Office Word Docmanagement


I run Word 2000 and I am about to install Word 2003 (as part of Office 
2003). But I have a couple of questions and would appreciate anyone's advice. 

Will  still be able to open and read and retain formatting from a Word 2000 
document when I open it in 2003?

Conversely, if I create a doc in 2003 will I be able to read it without 
difficulty on my laptop which still runs Office 2000?

Will I have any trouble using 2000 & 2003 on different computers like this? 

Will my 2000 Word templates still be intact in Word 2003? Or do I need to 
save them and copy them into 2003?

I've read on this newsgroup that there is a conflict between 2003 and 
Acrobat Reader 7 which affects the normal.dot. How do I resolve this? By 
uninstalling the adobe software? What cam I use instead?

There is no essential difference between the formats of Word 2000 and 2003 
and most users will find the transition transparent. Applying Word 2003 as 
an upgrade will retain your personal settings and templates, but see 

Acrobate 7 *reader* has no effecxt on Word. It's only the full version of 
Acrobat that is problematical. See 
Thank you Graham. I'll check out those links.