Saving Word Perfect Docs

Microsoft Office Word Docmanagement

Is there any way you can save Word Perfect docs using word 2003. the 
extension is *.wpd . Thanks any help would be great
Open the WordPerfect document. Go to File-Save As, or press the F12 key. In 
the menu that opens, select "Word document" in the "Save as type" drop-down 
box. Give it a new name if you wish, and select the folder into which you 
want to save it.
No im sorry . I have a word doc i want to save as a wpd file.
If you have the appropriate filter you can save Word in any format you want.
If you want to use a filename extension that is not offered by default (the
defaults are set in the Windows registry) then you simply surround the
required filename in quotes. Note that as Word and WordPerfect use entirely
different file structures, formatting of the converted document may not turn
out as you expect.

The old WP converter linked from the downloads page of my web site will
allow documents to be saved in WP format.