How to put static dates on different page footers in Word

Microsoft Office Word Docmanagement

I need to identify which pages in a manual/document have been updated by 
changing the date in the footer.  However, it changes the date on all pages.  
I'd prefer not to make a page on it's on section just to have the footer date 
be unique.
Glendeen;2718659 Wrote: 

A footer is supposed to repeat on all pages within a section.  Unless
you make every page a separate section - and this NOT a practice I
would recommend - you cannot use the footer area.  Maybe instead you
can use a version table where you indicate the date of change of
certain paragraphs or pages, or some footnote system where you have a
date reference?
Henk,  thank you - I was pretty certain that I couldn't manipulate the footer 
as I wanted!