How can I find specific documents by using the content?

Microsoft Office Word Docmanagement

I have a large number of Word documents in a folder that are named according 
to job number.  I sometimes need to refer to an older document but can't find 
them in Word or PowerPoint 2007.  In the 1997 and 2003 versions, it was easy 
by using "Advanced search" in the "Open document" window, but I can't find a 
similar feature in the 2007 version.  This is costing me valuable time.
Windows Explorer
Thank you.  That works.  However, when the search produces a large number of 
occurrences, is there a way to have preview of the document to identify 
quickly which document (Word 97 was great for that).
You could use xplorer² Pro as your file manager ( It
has excellent extended search and preview capabilities.
You can still get a Preview view in the Open dialog of Word, but getting to 
there from your Windows Explorer search results is a bit tricky, 
unfortunately. The best Windows Explorer (at least in Windows XP) can offer 
is Thumbnails, which are useless for Word docs.
Thank you for all the info.  Since I write 5,000-6,000 Word documents every 
year and some of them are repeated annually with changes, this a feature that 
I use quite often and, unfortunately it has become less user-friendly with 
each new version of Office.  Will installing an older version of Word/Office 
on my system affect the new one?  I like most features of the new Office but 
would really want to have that time-saving feature on my computer.
I feel your pain. FWIW, I don't find the search in Word 2003 satisfactory at 
all and use Windows Search instead. In Vista, I gather search is turned over 
entirely to Windows, and the lack of any search capability in Word 2007 was 
apparently based on the premise that ultimately it would be running on 

You can certainly install an older version, but I believe the recommended 
procedure is to uninstall the later version, reinstall the older one, then 
(if desired) reinstall the newer one, specifying a side-by-side rather than 
upgrade install.
Have to be honest with you - I don't run into that situation too often 
because I try to search for a word that *won't* be found in large numbers of